My Cabinets Popup Context Menu

Understanding the My Cabinets popup context menu

With the My Cabinets popup context menu you can create new cabinets to personalize, open local and network library cabinets, or find folder file items.
  • 1) Select new-cabinet when you want to create a new cabinet.
  • 2) Select open-cabinet when you want to open an existing local cabinet that has been closed.
  • 3) Select open-from when you want to open a cabinet from a shared network library. * This feature is only visible on Professional or above versions.
  • 4) Select close-all when you want to close all open cabinets.
  • 5) Select find when you want to search for folder file items in every folder within every open cabinet.
  • 6) Select restore when you want to retrieve a removed/deleted cabinet. Removed cabinets are only available until you close/exit the application.