Folder Column Popup Context Menu

Understanding the Folder Column popup context menu

With the Folder Column popup context menu you can perform the following tasks
  • 1) Select Alignment when you want to specify the text alignment of the values within the selected column, values consist of left, center, or right.
  • 2) Select Type when you want to specify the type of data that you intend to enter in the values of this column, types include text, text area, number, date, checkbox, progress, list, choice, pin, command, image, time frame, and file.
  • 3) Select Advanced to define column data type specific settings. Depending on your license version you may have access to creating access permissions, edit validations, push to database, url or external application tabs.
  • 4) Toggle on Image Preview when you want the selected column to show a thumbnail of an image for each row an image file item is found in, such as jpg, gif, png, etc. This is helpful when managing pictures.
  • 5) Select Width to specify the selected column's width.
  • 6) Select Remove when you want to remove/delete the selected column from the active folder.
  • 7) Select Columns when you want to change the columns that are displayed within this folder.
  • 8) Select View to copy, paste, save, show, or remove a previously saved group of columns. For example, you may want to save the currently displayed columns in the active folder as My Project View. This can then be shown in any of your cabinet drawer folders. Toggle on Extended to edit the columns that are displayed in the extended panel.