How to install or un-install our IntelliCabinet software

A) IntelliCabinet is developed in java therefore does not install an application on your computer. As long as you have the recommended java JRE installed you are all set to use IntelliCabinet. To find out what version of java you have installed, open a command window and type in: java -version. If it does not say 1.8 or later then you will need to update your version before you can use the IntelliCabinet software.
B) To launch the application you just download the intellicabinet_setup.jar file from our downloads page and then double click it to begin. The setup will walk you through the registration process. All of the application files are stored within a folder called IntelliCabinet located within your home directory. On windows this is typically C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\IntelliCabinet.

If you want to have multiple instances of IntelliCabinet or prefer your installation folder to be different, Microsoft's OneDrive or DropBox for multi-device access for example, you can do this by modifying the java user.home directory parameter on startup. On Windows this would be accomplished by modifying the Target setting within the IntelliCabinet shortcut properties as follows.

javaw.exe -Duser.home=%USERPROFILE%\OneDrive -jar %USERPROFILE%\OneDrive\IntelliCabinet\IntelliCabinet.jar

* Note that if you modify the user.home location you will need to change the desktop IntelliCabinet shortcut icon to the application.ico icon located within the IntelliCabinet installation folder. The application icon is available after the initial launch of the application with the new parameters and can be changed within the shortcut properties dialog on Windows.
C) If you are planning to work with a large amount of data you may want to consider modifying the java JRE heap space size, this is the memory that the JRE has access to. This is typically done by adding the runtime parameters -Xms -Xmx (e.g. -Xms128m -Xmx128m) to the JRE. On windows this is typically done by selecting the Control Panel -> then Java -> then View on the Java tab. Review the java runtime parameters for heap space online for more information on setting these parameters.
D) Set the app_as_lite property to true to automatically invoke the Lite version of IntelliCabinet on deployed users of your business solutions.

javaw.exe -Dapp_as_lite=true -Duser.home=%USERPROFILE%\OneDrive -jar %USERPROFILE%\OneDrive\IntelliCabinet\IntelliCabinet.jar

* Review the OEM Java JRE and Jar documentation parameters for additional advanced administration settings
A) Since this software does not install specific operating system application elements, all you need to do is delete the IntelliCabinet folder located within your home directory along with the IntelliCabinet shortcut on your desktop.