File Plugins

How to create your own file plugins

What is a file plugin?
A) A file plugin is a software program or script that will get executed for each file added to an IntelliCabinet folder. Based on the information provided by the custom program's output, IntelliCabinet then parses the formatted information and includes the column values when inserting the file into the active folder.
How do I create one?
A) Create a software program or script that accepts the final argument as the file path.
B) The program should print the columns and values to the stdout in the following format.
<Column name="My Custom Column A" value="Something about the file" />
<Column name="My Custom Column B" value="Something about the file" />
<Column name="My Custom Column C" value="Something about the file" />
C) This syntax should follow the XML standards. The most common mistake is not escaping the XML special characters within the name and value fields. These are as follows:
Always replace < with &lt;
Always replace > with &gt;
Always replace & with &amp;
Always replace ' with &apos;
Always replace " with &quot;
C) Finally, you will need to configure the file Plugin.def file located within the FilePlugin directory of the IntelliCabinet installation directory. On windows this is typically C:\Users\you user name\AppData\Roaming\IntelliCabinet\FilePlugin\Pluginx.def. We recommend keeping all IntelliCabinet file plugin apps in sub folders within this folder. Select here to view a sample Plugin.def configuration showing a file plug-in developed to retrieve mp3 tag information.
How do I troubleshoot my file plugin?
A) It is always recommended to test your file plug-ins by executing them in a command window to ensure the result output is as you intend. The file argument must be the last argument given.
B) Follow the steps outlined in the How-to troubleshooting section of the documentation to test the file plug-in within the IntelliCabinet application environment.
Can we develop a Plugin for you?
A) We do offer additional services developing file plugins to assist our customers. To see how we can help you, please contact us for additional details.