Folder Column Data Type as Text Area

How to set a folder's column data type as a Text Area
(A multi-line data field with scroll bars)
1) Select Text Area from the Type menu of the column poppup context menu.
2) Double click on the cell you want to enter text data in.

Advanced Settings
How to define advanced general settings for Text Area column types
Select Advanced from the column poppup context menu to view the advanced General tab for the column
1) Toggle on Wrap text to have the cell data entered wrap its text instead of scroll bars. Having horizontal scroll bars is the default setting.
2) Toggle on Render as html to enter html data for the column and have it rendered as html when displayed. When edited you will actually be editing the settings attribute for the editing cell. When editing is completed IntelliCabinet will automatically parse the text within the html tags and save that as the cell value attribute. This is done for consistency with what a cells value attribute stores and what its settings attribute stores. This also aids when assigning and editing this data type from an external source, such as an SQL Query.