Folder Column Data Type as a Pin field

How to set a folder's column data type as a Pin. Pins are pointers to quickly go to locations within IntelliCabinet.
1) Select Pin from the Type menu of the column poppup context menu.
2) Right click on a cabinet, drawer, folder, or file within IntelliCabinet, then select Copy.
3) Select the cell defined as a Pin and then select Edit Value from the right click poppup context menu. You can also edit the cell by holding down the Alt key and then double clicking on the cell with the left mouse button.
4) Select the paste button within the pin cell.
5) Once defined, double click on the cell defined with the Pin to go to the pasted location.
Note that if a folder is copied containing filtered settings the pasted pin data will maintain the folders filter settings when a pin is clicked on.