Folder Column Data Type as a File field

How to set a folder's column data type as a File. File column types can be utilized to store pointers to files, applications, or http web addresses.
1) Select File from the Type menu of the column poppup context menu.
2) Select the cell defined as a File and then select Edit Value from the right click poppup context menu. You can also edit the cell by holding down the Alt key and then double clicking on the cell with the left mouse button.
3) When a File cell is in edit mode - Enter the text you want displayed for the cell in the Displayed field, then enter the path to the File or http web address you want to displayed in the Path field. Do not include any surrounded quotes in the Path field.
4) Once defined, you can double click on the cell defined with the Path to open the defined Path with its default application. If a Path is defined as for example, when double clicked your web browser will open and go to
Example shown above:
Displayed field defined as My PDF File
Path define as C:\My Documents\My PDF File.pdf
Another example to open Excel upon double clicking:
Displayed field defined as Excel
Path define as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE
* Note that the operating system defined icon for the file type of the defined Path will be displayed in the cell next to the defined Displayed text, as shown in this example above.