Folder Column Data Type as a Command field

How to set a folder's column data type as a Command. Commands can be utilized to start and/or open OS applications.
1) Select Command from the Type menu of the column poppup context menu.
2) Select the cell defined as a Command and then select Edit Value from the right click poppup context menu. You can also edit the cell by holding down the Alt key and then double clicking on the cell with the left mouse button.
3) When a Command cell is in edit mode - Enter the text you want displayed for the cell in the Displayed field, then enter the path to the command you want to execute in the Command field. To ensure proper command definition it is recommended that you open a command prompt and run the intended command. If the command runs as you intend in the command prompt it will run as you intent from IntelliCabinet.
4) Once defined, double click on the cell defined with the Command to execute the defined command.
* Review the Session Log under the Help menu if the command does not execute as you have defined. The session log will help you troubleshoot if you have a syntax issue with the text entered within the Command field.
Example 1)
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -jar MyJavaJar.jar
Example 2)
"C:\Program Files\My Application\My App.exe" "C:\My Documents\"