Folder Column Data Type as a Choice field

How to set a folder's column data type as a Choice
1) Select Choice from the Type menu of the column poppup context menu.
2) Click on the area of the cell defined as a Choice to change the desired selection choice. See the advanced settings below for additional Choice controls.

Advanced Settings

How to define advanced general settings for Choice column types
Select Advanced from the column poppup context menu to view the advanced General tab for the column
1) Utilize the Text and Number toggle to define the type of data the Choice field will represent for its Stored Values.
2) Utilize the Displayed Items field to specify comma separated text to display for its choices.
3) Utilize the Stored Values field to specify comma separated text to store as the editing cell's value attribute.
4) Utilize the Display Style toggle to have the displayed choices be a cirlce, checkbox, or star.
* The Displayed Items and Stored Values fields for the Choice column type can be pre-defined from a SQL Query, URL XML String, or Command line output. View the Get documentation within the Advanced Settings -> Columns -> Get link on the right side of this page for details on how to define the settings located on the Get tab of the Advanced dialog.