Advanced Folder General Settings

How to define advanced folder general settings
A) Folder Type settings allows you to set the data source for the folder. The Standard setting is utilized for data stored within file of the active cabinet, Data Query is utilized if you want the folder's row definition to be sourced from a SQL database query, Data URL is utilized if you want the folder's row definition to be sourced from a web service, and , Data Command is utilized if you want the folder's row definition to be sourced from a custom command line application.
B) Insert settings are utilized when the folder's intent is for managing your computer folders and files. This setting defines what to do when a your computer items are dragged into the IntelliCabinet folder. You can keep them in there current location, or move or copy them to a custom location defined within the Location field. The Location field can be any folder location on your computer and can include IntelliCabinet variables such as $CAB_PROP, $ENV_VALUE, $PROP_VALUE - see the Access Permissions documentation for details on these variables. If the defined Location does not exist, IntelliCabinet will attempt to create the folder path prior to moving or copying a file to the defined location.
C) Toggle on Enable special file attributes when the defining folder contains paths to other IntelliCabinet cabinets, this feature will extract properties such as the properly defined cabinet name, it's icon. If it is a network cabinet the following columns can be automatically populated - Revision, Checked Out, Checked Out By, Checked Out Time, Published By, Published Time.
D) The APP ADD-INS Defintion Url(s) setting allows you to specify the url paths that contain folder app add-in definition criteria. The url paths should be separated by a semicolon (;)
E) The Property Based Column Control settings allows you to specify the columns that are displayed within the folder view dynamically from a cabinet's property attribute. This is helpful when you need to control what columns are available between different user roles, for example. To define the Folder Column Control field enter the cabinet property name to lookup in the cabinet column control field. The cabinet property value attribute should contain the names of the columns to display delimitted by a semicolon - Name;Type;My Column for example. The Extended Columns Control field controls the displayed columns on the Extended Folder Panel view.
* Please note that not all settings shown are available within every license type of IntelliCabinet. The General tab will only show settings you have available for your license type.