Folder App Add-Ins Manager

What is it?
Folder app add-ins definition manager files contain information pointers to your app add-in main page.
How to define folder app add-ins definition manager
The following XML data represents a folder app defintion file to create a user add-in front end upon selecting the Apps button from the folder popup context menu, as shown in Figure B above. The folder definition file location path is defined within the General tab by selecting the Advanced button from the folder popup context menu, as shown in Figure A above. The url paths can be local or reside on a web server. Separate the paths with a semicolon when entering mutliple definition file locations.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<App name="Graphing" icon="/bar_graph/icon-16.png" access_key="" access_rule="" reload_on_selection_change="true" app_url="/bar_graph/my_app.html" />
There is only one Element to the definition manager pointer file
The App element contains the app manager definition attributes.
The name attribute is the name of your app add-in.
The icon attribute is the 16 x 16 icon to display as the representation of your app within the folder App Tabs.
The reload_on_selection_change attribute can be defined as true or false to tell IntelliCabinet whether or not to reload the add-in page upon a folder file items selection change.
The access_key and access_rule attributes are utilized to control access permissions to the app. Review the key and rule settings within the Advanced Settings > Access Permissions documentation for more detailed information on these settings.
The app_url attribute is the main app add-in html file. This will be the main starting page to define the HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. of the app.