Folder App Add-Ins Definition

How to define folder app add-ins definition data
The following XML data represents a folder app defintion file to create a user add-in front end upon selecting the Apps button from the folder popup context menu, as shown in Figure B above. The folder definition file location path is defined within the General tab by selecting the Advanced button from the folder popup context menu, as shown in Figure A above. The url paths can be local, file:///C:/Users/MyApps/mydefinition.xml for example, or reside on a web server and dynamically defined, for example. Separate the paths with a semicolon when entering mutliple definition file locations.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Category name="Graphing" icon="/bar_graph/icon-16.png">
<App uid="897a827f-0c85-4ed6-a169-8f423f96f9af" type="tab" name="Bar Graph" description="Example Bar Graph" icon="/bar_graph/icon-128.png" mgr_url="/bar_graph/mgr.xml" />
<Category name="Math" icon="/math_gauge/icon-16.png">
<App uid="8200c448-2450-4e61-9f97-ca0b5ecbc8b2" type="tab" name="Sum Avg Max Min" description="Math Example" icon="/math_gauge/icon-128.png" mgr_url="/math_gauge/mgr.xml" />
<Category name="Web" icon="/web_viewer/icon-16.png">
<App uid="1f7ca08a-8677-4938-8b98-595a2dfaac9e" type="tab" name="Web Viewer" description="View Path Web Page" icon="/web_viewer/icon-128.png" mgr_url="/web_viewer/mgr.xml" />
<Category name="Parse Html" icon="/parse_html/icon-16.png">
<App uid="3c9b6bc7-164e-46f2-9f5d-20ee4e1e520f" type="tab" name="Parse Html" description="Parse Html Web Content" icon="/parse_html/icon-128.png" mgr_url="/parse_html/mgr.xml" />
The Apps element is the XML root node.
The Category element is element that will contain a group of app elements. The name attribute is the name of the category. The icon atribute is the 16 x 16 icon to display as the category, as shown in Figure B.
The App element is the element that will contain the app manager definition attributes.
The uid attribute is a unique identifier of the app; every app must have a unique id and cannot be duplicated within the same folder. You can utilize an online GUID generator to define this if needed, or you can define your own unique naming convention.
The type attribute is set as either tab or view. A tab app is an add-in that will be displayed as a tab within the displayed folder when toggling on the App Tabs within the folder popup context menu. A view app is an add-in that will define the entire folder view instead of the default grid style with columns.
The name attribute is the name of your add-in.
The description attribute is the description of your add-in, and viewed when you place your mouse over the app icon, as shown in Figure B.
The icon attribute is the 128 x 128 icon to display as the representation of your app, as shown in Figure B.
The mgr_url attribute is the path to the file that contains the XML data elements and attribute pointers to the app add-in. View the Manager documentation to view details on defining the mgr_url XML data.
Activating an add-in
Select a Check mark within the Folder Apps dialog, as shown in Figure B to enable or disable a Tab add-in within the displayed folder. Select or Un-select the whole add-in rectangle in Figure B for turning on or off View type app add-ins. Select OK on the Folder Apps dialog (Figure B) to apply your settings.