Open Library

How to setup custom open commands

With the open library dialog you can define the default open commands along with custom open-with applications that can be associated to specific file types. This is for more advanced customization, the default settings are pre-configured out of the box.
1) Default
A) The file and directory command fields are where you would enter the default applications that would be used to open IntelliCabinet file and directory pointers.
B) The Receive URI (i.e. Uniform Resource Identifier) option is for applications that may require to receive the file argument in URI format rather than the operating system path, for example: C:\my documents\test file.xls would be converted to URI format as file:/C:/my%20documents/test%20file.xls.
2) Open With
A) Select the new button to add a new open application to the open library.
B) Select the remove button to remove the selected line item from the open library.
C) The open-with list is where you assign applications. These can be custom written applications or applications that are already installed on your computer. The command for the application should include sections surrounded by double quotes where applicable if more then just the application path is required. Each application can be set to receive the file in path or URI format and can be constrained to specific file types by defining the type constraint field (not shown in the picture above). The type constraint field is validated as a regular expression so there are many possibilities that can be entered to achieve the desired results. View the regular expression java documentation for example usages. Use the Ordering field to specify the display order when accessing the open commands within the application areas. Also, feel free to contact us for additional help.