Network Libraries

How to setup network libraries

With the network libraries dialog you can define libraries to publish cabinets to. A library folder will contain several published cabinets for users to check-in, check-out, and share from.

  • 1) Select the new button to add a new library folder.
  • 2) Select the remove button to remove the selected library.
  • 3) The library list is where you assign your library names and their location paths. Libraries can be a network folder, FTP site folder, or HTTP URL script. To edit - Left mouse double click on a selected row to edit the column value or right mouse click to open the system folder browser.
    • - Example of a network folder path: G:\networkshare\mycabinets
    • - Example of an FTP folder path: ftp://username:password@
      * Please note: the username, password, and folder names must be url encoded. And, the ftp server must support passive mode for this feature to work properly.
    • - Example of an HTTP URL path:
      * Please note: the web script must contain specific methods accessed by specific url variable definitions and those methods must contain specific return text in specific formats for this feature to work properly.
      * Please contact our support team to receive specific details and sample http scripts in order to utilize this feature.