Main Window

Understanding the different sections of the application

  • 1) Preferences and help. Here is where you will assign preferences such as common column fields, open-with applications, alternate file pointer locations, network libraries to name a few.
  • 2) Folder within drawer. You can create multiple folders to store your customized file data. You can define unique names and color code them to your liking.
  • 3) Drag and drop files and directories in this location to add those items to the active folder. The dropped items are not stored in IntelliCabinet and do not move from their original location on your operating system, unless specified to. Once inserted, a row item is created for you to customize and access as needed. If utilizing as a data business solution, this section is where you would configure your solutions such as database and web script connectivity.
  • 4) Cabinet and drawer list. Here is where you will create your personal catalog of cabinets and drawers that will contain folders of your files or data collection solutions.
  • * See the Custom Icons section for details on how to customize the various icons within the application.