Alternate Locations

How to setup alternate locations

With the alternate locations dialog you can define alternate file path locations to look for folder files in when a file cannot be found in its original location. This can be useful when one user adds a file to a folder with one parent location, such as Y: drive but other users map the drive as S:, or this works very well when sharing files through cloud drives such as drop box or google drive. An alternate location is viewed as a replace this text with that text within the folder file Path column.
  • 1) Select the new button to add a new alternate location.
  • 2) Select the remove button to remove the selected row.
  • 3) Select the up button to move the selected row item to the row above it.
  • 4) Select the down button to move the selected row item to the row below it.
  • 5) The replacement list is where you assign your alternate locations. Enter the text you want to replace in the Replace column, then enter the text you want the replaced text to be replaced with in the With column. When a folder file item cannot be found in the location that was originally stored the software will attempt to find the file by cycling through the alternate location settings from the top of the list down. If it is able to find the file it will identify this with the alternate location icon within the Location and Path columns. The stored location of the file will not be physically changed it merely creates an alias to the alternate location.