This section describes the answers to the following

  • 1) What is IntelliCabinet?
  • 2) How can IntelliCabinet benefit me?
  • 3) How does IntelliCabinet integrate with my current computer files?
  • 4) How does IntelliCabinet differ from other document management software?


1) What is IntelliCabinet?
A) Think of IntelliCabinet as your computer file and directory information database, with a kick... The software allows you to associate custom information to your files and directories. It also allows you to customize what applications you want to have available for specific file types. And, gives you the flexibility you need for todays ever changing environment. Today your requirements may be X but tomorrow your requirements may be Y, so you need an organization system that is flexible enough to adapt when you need it to.
B) Think of IntelliCabinet as a design tool to create business solutions for managing and collecting the data you need. Streamline workflow activities within your business. Create applications with form based logins. Integrate with databases and web services for users to view and edit the desired data. Interoperate with your data from other business applications.
C) IntelliCabinet can be utilized as the user interface of your current and future business solutions. Easily control your solution's settings and parameters with user friendly fields along with permissions and edit controls if desired. Edit IntelliCabinet data from your external solutions with industry standard http calls to our application.
2) How can IntelliCabinet benefit me?
A) IntelliCabinet can benefit you by giving you control over how you work with your files and folders.
B) IntelliCabinet lets you perform common file tasks quicker than traditional methods.
C) IntelliCabinet helps you understand files quicker by allowing you to store relevant information about your files. For example, today most operating systems have audio file columns such as title, author, genre, and album. Someone made the decision of what columns are available for audio files. Well, what if you could define your own column names to input information you care about. Typically every file we create has some form of information to describe its content. However today, the traditional method is to create folder inside of folder, inside of folder and so on. With IntelliCabinet you can create your own columns to associate to files, so as your file requirements change so can the content you associate to them.
D) For your business, IntelliCabinet allows you to streamline and share information across disciplines while removing redundancy and quickly bringing relavant information into focus. For example, files can be added to IntelliCabinet while automatically parsing relavant content within the files, placing the parsed attributes into defined columns to view. This information can then be viewed across your business enterprise. Examples of files such as Excel, Word, CAD exchange files to name a few. See the file plug-ins documentation for additional details on parsing content from files.
3) How does IntelliCabinet integrate with my current computer files?
A) IntelliCabinet does not store files, it merely stores custom information about the files you choose and creates points of access to their location.
4) How does IntelliCabinet differ from other document management software?
A) For starters, our software costs significantly less. If you can find a software system that does what IntelliCabinet does for less, we will match their price.
B) We feel our software integrates with your current file system methods but provides you with additional functionality and an organization methodology you can transition to when you are ready. Meaning, today you may start off using 20% of our software's capability, but in a few months be up to 60% then 90%, and even discovering usages we never thought of.
In summary
Once you start realizing the potential IntelliCabinet can offer you, you will start noticing your filing methods changing from folder, upon folder, upon folder to find files, to a significantly lesser folder intensive filing system. You will start noticing a decrease in duplicate files. You will start seeing information about your files you never imagined possible. And, you will notice you are performing the common tasks working with files in seconds over the several minutes at a time it took you previously. As a result, your efficiency will increase.