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IntelliCabinet revolutionizes the way you organize, find, and access files and folders on your computer. It helps you perform tasks quicker than traditional methods and allows you to associate custom attributes to files and folders creating a personalized catalog of information about the files. Are you tired of going through folder after folder to get to the documents you need? Have you ever wanted to create custom columns for files to define relevant information? IntelliCabinet does just that and more... Try it for free today.

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Organize your files Enhance the way you organize, access, and find your files.

No installation required IntelliCabinet is developed in java so as long as you have java installed there is no installation.

Save time Perform common tasks in less time than traditional methods.

Find Find and access the files you need quickly.

Define customized columns Create your own columns to track the information that is important to you.

Drag and drop Easy drag and drop interface to quickly personalize your files.